We all have devices that we use outside that require electricity. Whether your mowing the lawn with your new electric lawn mower, chilling out in your hot tub on a nice summers evening or you want to power some garden lights for the BBQ your having on Saturday night.

The question is how much hassle do you have to go to power these devices? Are you the person who has to get an extension lead and run it through an open window and plug it into a socket in the kitchen which then gets unplugged half way through cutting the lawn because someone wants to use the kettle to make a coffee?

Or do you have the cable running across the kitchen floor and out through the door ready for someone to walk through and trip over?

There is a much easier way to power your outdoor electrical devices and that’s a professionally fitted outdoor socket which is weather proof and provides an extra level of protection should you cut through the cable with your hedge trimmers (we’ve all done it)

With summer just round the corner, now is the perfect time to get an outdoor electrical socket fitted. Well Wired Electricians in Darlington can provide and fit an outdoor socket from as little as £75.

So save all the hassle and contact us today for your free quote and have a fantastic, safe summer.