Alarm Systems

Here at Well Wired we’re not your average Alarm Systems engineers. We have an in depth knowledge of intruder Alarm Systems from simple domestic to large industrial. We offer state-of-the-art Alarm System installations with clever functions such as; call and text alerts, remote monitoring, remote control, automated deterrent procedures and much more.

Well Wired are also able to offer a fantastic range of wire free security solutions. More and more people are seeing the benefit of wireless alarm systems. No cables means no mess, no furniture to move, no floorboards to lift, no plastering and no decorating. They are also packed full of clever functions and prices start from as little as £259, fully fitted with a one year guarantee.

Do you already have an alarm system fitted in your home? Do you know how to use it? Does it go crazy every time you have a power cut? The chances are it needs a service. Routine alarm inspections start from only £19 and could save you hundreds in insurance costs. We can also adapt your alarm to make sure that it meets your needs. We can fit diallers to almost any alarm, so that you can receive call or text alerts when it is activated. We can add protection to extensions, garages or sheds to ensure that you’re property is kept secure.



Fantastic range of wire free security solutions. This means no mess and installation interruptions. Prices from as little as £259.



Peace at mind on routine inspections on Alarm Systems from as little as £19.



Well Wired cater for domestic and commercial premises from maintenance to brand new systems.



Well Wired can install diallers to almost any alarm including extensions and garages. Be one step ahead and keep the intruders away!

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